Fueled by Chai Hoodie

Color :
Olive Green
Size :

The morning chai is the most precious for all chai lovers. This pink sunrise chai design is to represent the joy of the first chai in the morning that all chai lovers cherish. Indians start their day with chai and always make the morning tea with the most love and care. Tea drinking is a culture in major part of india with west now embracing milk tea as part of starbucks chai lattes that are available widely and also as part of milk chai, or boba tea that is becoming a favorite among the younger population across the globe.

Designed by Deepa Goyal, artist of indian origin based in San Francisco, California. Masala Pop Store has become a fan favorite among indian tiktokers and social media influencers among south asian community. The designs resonate with brown community across the globe and bring these designs and visual aesthetic accessible through platforms this has created a community of indian artists that celebrate their culture and heritage.